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Its photoelectric conversion rate is as high as 24%, and the photovoltaic panel is IP67 waterproof and dustproof. Two or more units can be connected in parallel to charge Jackery's outdoor power supply at the same time, improving the charging speed. The product uses integrated molding technology. The product has passed 6 categories of test items, 9 quality test procedures, and complies with UL safety testing standards, coupled with the self-developed BMS battery management system and automatic testing equipment to ensure user safety. It uses ETFE packaging material.

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Jackery Solar Generator System

The Jackery solar generator system consists of a foldable photovoltaic panel and an energy storage module. Its photoelectric conversion rate is as high as 24%, and the solar generator has 1800W power and 1500wh capacity. The solar panels can be connected in parallel to improve power generation efficiency, and it is IP67 waterproof. The energy storage module uses a 94V-0 fireproof shell. The machine with built-in electric vehicle-grade power battery has passed the UN38.3 shockproof test, which is drop-proof, drop-proof and is resistant to wind and sand. It uses the ETFE packaging material.

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V-Tent is an ecofriendly parking system that protects and charges vehicles. It is a collapsible canopy that can be used in both personal and public parking areas. Aiming to create a sustainable system for urban environment, V-Tent offers a safe space for electric cars either at home or in city. Functioning as a canopy that prevents weather side-effects such as sun heat or snow, design protects vehicles physically from environmental conditions. Therefore, it prolongs the life and maintenance cycle of vehicles in the long run. Also serves as a precaution for theft.

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an innovative photovoltaic system that fully exploits sun power as sustainable energy. Like a sunflower, the panel follows the position of the sun, without external mechanisms requiring considerable energy to create the solar tracking. A CIGS layer is deposited as ink on six EAP triangles caged in Willow Glass and governed by a steel structure. It is ultra-light, ultra-thin, transparent and applying a voltage of only 4V allows stretching and bending the material, such as a muscle, to turn the panel to the direction of the sun.

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Ginkgo Light is made from durable materials that makes it resistance to different climates and environments. Thus, Ginkgo Light can float on the water or sits at the table. The smart material allows the light to expands during darkness and closes during the day light. The sensor controls the pedal movements and directs it towards the sun direction through out the day to helps to absorb the maximum energy from the sun. In addition, they all lights can sync and can be controlled though the mother light.

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Torchia Solar LED Lamp/Charger offers portable emergency flashlight that uses solar energy as its main power source. Just like handy flashlight, this concept device fits several needs in both multiple usages. Charged by photovoltaic panels in four wings, Torchia produces energy without any dependency on other energy systems. Suitable for outdoor activities, it charges devices via USB. Torchia is also efficient in emergency situations, it can be used as a flash light for warning such as in the event of a car accident or natural disasters.

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