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The advances and innovations of the HEX condom are rooted in its unique reengineered hexagonal structure. This design, comprising a network of individual hexagonal cells, assigns a number of game-changing benefits to the condom. Taking cues from architecture and from nature, the material is incredibly thin overall, but without compromising on strength and protection. The raised structure is on the inside surface, for an increase in grip and a more comfortable fit.

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Playful Energy

Playful Energy is an experimental study that focuses on the intersection of environmental, social, cultural and economic systems through the lenses of the sciences, social sciences and humanities. This research aims to contribute towards energy harvesting from the human movement and encourage people’s sustainable behavior through playful and poetic experiences. It provides an insight into the cultural value of future technology and design, which aims to understand the various aspect of the relationship between alternative energy sources and human life.

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YO Sperm Test

YO is an FDA/CE cleared Smartphone based home sperm test that captures a video of your sperm and automatically provides test results of your moving sperm. You can view and share your test results and video from the YO archive. Testing is fast and is made simple with interactive step-by-step instructions and animations in the YO app. The YO kit has all of the supplies needed to run two tests on your phone. YO was developed by experts with 20 years of experience in automated sperm testing. With YO we want to help create families by providing affordable, private and innovative medical technology.

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Creator Z-04

This solar lamp has an ultra large solar panel, which carries its own light energy sensor and can rotate 360 degrees. Below the panel is a large area of energy-efficient lighting. people can gather under the lamp for studying, working or having some fun. Each solar lamp is equipped with nine removable charging hand lights. people can remove these lights and use them at home. As long as people bring them back to their original positions for charging the following day.

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Soli is a solar chargeable flashlight/ lamp designed to raise awareness about energy poverty and the hazards of kerosene used by more than 1 billion people worldwide. Designed for Nokero, a leading manufacturer of developing economy solar lighting and charging products, Soli addresses the lighting and safety needs of developed economy users. Every Soli light purchased will help Nokero deliver much needed solar lighting products to families living without electricity. This enables increased productivity and safety for all. Soli was presented at the Vatican at the Laudato 'Si challenge in 2017.

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My Way

The thermostatic heads My Head are wireless thermostatic heads compatible with any valve with thermostatic option, are easy to be used, do not need any electrical connections and have a long battery life. The thermostatic heads My Head are the most compact on the market, thanks to their minimal design and their exclusive technology. Using My Head and the central unit My Way, it is possible to control the domestic heating from anywhere and anytime, thanks to the Cordivari My Way app or through the website

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