Kyung Il Chung-Sling Portable Speaker

At Design Interviews

Interview with Kyung il Chung : Frank Scott: What is the main principle, idea and inspiration behind your design?. Kyung il Chung : Sling is wireless speaker that actively invites the users to the sustainable design. The principle was to create a mec <Cropped>

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Soytun-Tableware For Raw Fish by Carlos Jimenez Perez & Pilar Balsalobre

Carlos Jimenez Perez & Pilar Balsalobre Discloses The Soytun Tableware For Raw Fish

Carlos Jimenez Perez & Pilar Balsalobre, the author of the displayed work Tableware for raw fish:Soytun by Carlos Jimenez Perez & Pilar Balsalobre says, Soytun is a ceramic piece designed for the increasingly common tasting of the various for <Cropped>

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Mri Av System by Boombang Inc. Design Team

Boombang Inc. Design Team Presents The Smrt Image Lumica Mri Av System

Boombang Inc. Design Team, the author of the displayed work MRI AV System :SMRT IMAGE Lumica by Boombang Inc. Design Team explains, SMRT Image Lumica is a two-way communication device between patients and medical professionals, which allows enhanced <Cropped>

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Helmet by Jie Qian

Jie Qian Spotlights The Morpho Helmet Helmet

Jie Qian, the designer of the displayed design Jie Qian's Morpho Helmet HELMET illustrates, The helmet will make cyclists easier to spot at night as the light bounces off the top of their helmets in city traffic. When a cyclist wants to make a t <Cropped>

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International Brand Conference by Touraj Saberivand

Touraj Saberivand Designs The International Brand Conference Corporate Identity

Touraj Saberivand, the author of the awarded design Corporate Identity by Touraj Saberivand says, The International Brand Conference is the most prestigious conference held in Iran. Brand Conference was being blamed for promoting non-Iranian cultur <Cropped>

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Clock:pin Clock by Alireza Asadi

Alireza Asadi Creates The Pin Clock Clock

AliReza Asadi, the creative mind behind the award winning work Clock by AliReza Asadi demonstrates, It all started with a simple game in a creativity class and the topic which was "clock", emerged haphazardly. Thus, various wall clocks as w <Cropped>

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Award Winning Wrapify Commercial Animation

Feed Me Light Illustrates The Wrapify Commercial Animation

Feed Me Light, the thinktank behind the award winning design Commercial Animation by Feed Me Light demonstrates, The illustrative world of Wrapify came to life through its environments, immersive cityscapes with depth and dynamism that captured the n <Cropped>

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Favorit Bikes-Retro Bike by Petr Novague

Petr Novague Designs The Favorit Bikes Retro Bike

Petr Novague , the designer of the award winning design Favorit Bikes by Petr Novague demonstrates, It was a challenge to design bicycles and accessories for Favorit, not only because of the history and heritage of the brand. Many years had passed <Cropped>

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365 Day Design Challenge

The Challenge Aims to Destroy Those Creative Blocks That Every Designer Face to Build On Their Creativity

The challenge aims to destroy those creative blocks that every designer face to build on their creativity..

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Rose Flamingo-Rose Wine by Waldemarart Design Studio

Waldemarart Design Studio Reveals The Rose Flamingo Rose Wine

WaldemarArt Design Studio, the creator of the award winning design Rose wine by WaldemarArt Design Studio points out, The design of the wine Rose Flamingo is based on a graceful bird Rose Flamingo. We use this image of this bird because the taste of <Cropped>

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