Festival Vernissage: Social Gastronomy by J.c.disi

J.c.disi Shows The Festival Vernissage: Social Gastronomy Event

J.C.DISI, the maker of the displayed project Event by J.C.DISI explicates, In Social Gastronomy, celebrity chefs with grassroots groups showed how "less than perfect" ingredients can be salvaged and transformed into a "more than perfec <Cropped>

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Cuff Bracelets by Diana Sokolic

Diana Sokolic Portrays The Lacey Cuff Bracelets

Diana Sokolic, the lead designer of the awarded project Diana Sokolic's Lacey cuff bracelets explicates, We all have drawers full of the lace made by our mothers and grandmothers. Those doyleys were used as the decoration on coffee tables, tv- <Cropped>

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Clock Tower by Tilla Goldberg and Peter Ippolito

Tilla Goldberg and Peter Ippolito Designs The Bovet Clock Tower Clock Tower

Tilla Goldberg and Peter Ippolito, the creative mind behind the awarded project Tilla Goldberg and Peter Ippolito's Bovet Clock Tower clock tower explicates, In association with Swiss luxury watch manufacturer Bovet, we’ve developed a five met <Cropped>

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Casa Ojala by Beatrice Bonzanigo

Beatrice Bonzanigo Exhibits The Casa Ojala Highly Flexible House

Beatrice Bonzanigo, the architect of the awarded design Beatrice Bonzanigo's Casa Ojala Highly Flexible House demonstrates, The architectural limits of forced views, filtered light, controlled air and untouchable canopy are broken. Casa Ojala is <Cropped>

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Poster and Flyers:is Not Anyone Alive by Toshihiro Shimizu

Toshihiro Shimizu Shares The Is Not Anyone Alive Poster and Flyers

Toshihiro Shimizu, the designer of the highlighted project Poster and Flyers by Toshihiro Shimizu explicates, This is a graphic project for replay of theater play “Isn’t Anyone Alive?” ( JP: Ikiterumono wa Inainoka ), written in 2007. The play <Cropped>

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Award Winning Xin Sgcq Hotpot Logo and Vi

Acclaimed Designer Creates The Xin Sgcq Hotpot Logo and Vi

The project leader of the displayed design Logo and VI by Acclaimed Designer spells out, XIN SGCQ Hotpot is a famous catering brand that has already experienced two decades of development. The client considered the existing logo obsolete and unfashio <Cropped>

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Website Design Lawyer Martin-Hayner by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Spotlights The Website Design Lawyer Martin-Hayner Website Design

The thinktank behind the displayed project Website Design Lawyer Martin-Hayner - Website Design by Acclaimed Designer points out, Lawyer Hayner wants to differ with the Relaunch of his website from other lawyers and presents itself uncomplicated and <Cropped>

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Thesize Surfaces's Neolith® Calacatta Surfacing Solution

Thesize Surfaces Demonstrates The Neolith® Calacatta Surfacing Solution

TheSize Surfaces, the architect of the displayed project Surfacing solution:Neolith® Calacatta by TheSize Surfaces illustrates, Neolith® Calacatta offers a marble-like design with bold dramatic veining that closely resembles nature. Combined with t <Cropped>

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Art Piece by Nils Hansen

Nils Hansen Shows The Entangled Hands Art Piece

Nils Hansen, the project leader of the highlighted design Art Piece by Nils Hansen explicates, The sculpture Entangled Hands is part of the Slicing series started in 2014. The aim was to fuse digital and traditional techniques to produce innovative w <Cropped>

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Uplift Tech Cabinets-Bathroom Furniture by Howard Katz

Howard Katz Designs The Uplift Tech Cabinets Bathroom Furniture

Howard Katz, the thinktank behind the displayed project Bathroom Furniture:Uplift Tech Cabinets by Howard Katz demonstrates, Form, function and versatility is the foundation upon which Robern has built its design reputation and is apparent throughout <Cropped>

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