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Britannia is mega-scale wind turbine developed for offshore wind farms in the United Kingdom. It was planned to be the first to produce 10Mw of power using 4 rather than 1 generator. The exterior styling differentiates Clipper turbines from competitors and is designed to evoke company heritage and aspirations - in particular forms inspired by Clipper ships and the Winged Victory of Samothrace. Placement of radiators for cooling the generators allowed the use of air scoops as stylistic elements. The crew space within the turbine is optimized for people to work and sleep inside during service.

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eRook Compact

- Erook compact is a flexible, scalable and secure energy storage solution for self-consumption, with Ion-Lithium LFP technology. Its design allows custom manufacturing, thanks to its extruded central core, being able to configure equipment with a power of 1Kwh to 15Kwh as required, without the need to invest in boxes for each product. Its easy installation and transport, make erook compact a unique product. The optimization of the production processes and the use of recyclable materials complete the concept of a green product in the use of clean energy.

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Solarville showcases how combining solar panels with blockchain technology could make clean energy more affordable and accessible for the many. SolarVille is a fully functioning prototype, built to a 1:50 scale: some households have installed solar panels to become makers and traders of clean energy, while others automatically purchase the electricity generated in their local community. As a result, SolarVille is a cooperative micro-grid that makes a community self-sufficient.

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37 Degrees Shared

Shared Wireless Charger: This product has two embedded wireless charging coil, it provides fast and safe wireless charging experience for users. It is applicable in various public places like restaurant, shopping mall, railway station and airport, etc. It also explores a new pattern of business, as restaurants and shops can generate profit by providing “pay to charge” services and issuing advertisements on the charger.

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Kayoni is a new way thinking and age oriented modular construction set which - thanks to its series and tight mathematical design - can be assembled in multiple orientations and with limitless constructional opportunities because of high accuracy tolerances of interconnecting pins and pockets of its blocks. By concept, vision and opportunities dedicated to toddlers, preschoolers and school-aged children but enjoyable and skill building - as well as creatively inspiring, fun and entertaining - to everyone!

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EnGo is a portable multi-functional battery case intended for usage in different solutions, from 12V and 24V solar street lights to high-end electric vehicles, depending on the orientation and placement. The form maximally utilizes available space, allowing the cables and connectors to fall between the units. The specially devised detachable handle makes carrying and positioning inside a set easier. The terminal caps can be tightened by hand or Allen key. The performance and battery capacity can be monitored by a smartphone via Bluetooth.

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